Chinese men’s curling from the “broken circle” one step away, “bid farewell to the Winter Olympics” is just the starting point

2022-05-09 0 By

The Chinese men’s curling team, consisting of Ma Xiuyue, Zou Qiang, Wang Zhiyu, Xu Jingtao and Jiang Dongxu, finished with a 4-5 record in nine round-robin matches at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and failed to reach the semi-finals.However, as the youngest men’s curling team in this Winter Olympics and the lowest ranked in the world, the young Chinese team showed its strong fighting ability in seven days against Sweden, Britain, Canada and other veteran teams.Although some of the details were not perfectly controlled, a review of all the matches of The Chinese team shows that the young team is growing step by step, and given time, this young team is fully capable of breaking the circle in the future world Curling championships.”Beijing is our starting point.””Ma Xiuyue, captain of The Chinese curling team, said after finishing all Olympic competitions.In 2014, the Chinese men’s curling team finished fourth in Sochi, which was the best result ever achieved by a Chinese men’s curling team at an Olympic Games.The Chinese men’s curling team finished fifth after completing all nine rounds of the Olympic Winter Games. Although they failed to achieve the best result, they were only one step away from the final four, which was a pity.In some statistics, the Chinese team is impressive.In the success rate of throwing, the team’s data performance is brilliant, 85.4% of the average, ranking the third overall;Wang ji-woo ranked second at home plate with a success rate of 87.8 percent.Looking back on the whole schedule of the Winter Olympic Games, from the first match, The Chinese national Team got off to a bad start, losing 4:6 and 4:7 to two strong rivals, Sweden and Russia.Despite its poor opening record, China beat Denmark 5-4 from the third round.Then, in the fourth round, the Chinese team beat the Italian team 12:9, the two consecutive wins.These two games, The Chinese team grabbed valuable points.Since then, The Chinese team has faced a series of strong opponents, 6-7 to the British team, 6-8 to the United States team, 8-10 to the Canadian team, suffered three consecutive defeats.From these three games, The Chinese team every game, lost are very pity.”The Technical ability of The Chinese team is no worse than that of the top teams, but they lack experience in dealing with key shots and games.Ma Xiuyue, China’s captain, looked back on the match and said what China lacked was experience in handling clutch shots.”The last eight games, we’ve lost by one game or another, and it’s been very close.”For example, against three-time Olympic gold medalist Canada, China lost three points in the eighth game after leading 5-4 at halftime, and lost 8-10 in the 10th game despite scoring two points in the ninth.And against The British, led by Moat, China lost after making mistakes in crucial shots that allowed their opponents to take the lead.In the last two games, nearly out of the Chinese team finally put down the burden, go all out, beat Norway, Switzerland, such strong teams, so that the final score climbed to the fifth.The future of The Chinese men’s curling team has just begun, although it is regrettable that it failed to reach the semi-finals.Just as Ma Xiuyue said, in the new Olympic cycle, how to improve the Chinese team’s quick judgment, pay close attention to details, learn from the strong team’s ability to control key points and key games, is the team’s new challenge.Photo source: Xinhua News Agency