The woman wears bare-leg artifact to go to grandma’s home, unexpectedly encounter two old dislike, grandma: didn’t wear pants?

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In recent years, with the progress of science and technology and the development of society, some seemingly inconceivable things have been brought into reality and completely filled people’s lives. It is not an exaggeration to say that there have been earth-shaking changes.There are quite a few young people quickly accepted, these novel things, but the older generation is not a cold, always more conservative, after all, is different from the young people, they are for some new things, often can be put forward different points of view, also easy to accept new things, but not the older generation, still keep the old, it is difficult to make a change.Although many older people are stubborn by nature, but under the guidance of young people, they will still adapt to new things a little bit, and some old people are not completely, completely unreasonable, has been insisting on the past cognition is correct, think that many younger people are too young, thinking is not on a level.It doesn’t, it happened recently, when the day a woman wearing a gorgeous dress, the whole is quite attractive, she went to grandma house New Year happily, but unexpected is, in soon after taking the door, it was hard to drag the second-oldest, forcing women to replace the bare legs artifact, and grandma pants, the site is in hebei xingtai.During Spring Festival, temperatures drop in all parts of the country, even in summer-prone guangdong province, as well as northern Hebei province.The national economy is bad, living conditions have, the older generation have suffered a lot in the early years, is also slowly get through it, at the beginning is also endure frozen starving, now gradually come up to national economy, living standards have greatly improved, the younger and older people don’t want to see more suffered past again.Therefore, when the second old discovery granddaughter’s lower body, only wearing a “socks”, nature cannot accept, even if it is again bitter again tired, also cannot let the younger generation wronged, therefore, they decided to this granddaughter, launched a thick “care”.When the woman was pulled away by her husband, she kept saying, “I’m not wearing socks, but a pair of cotton pants, which are warm and not inferior to ordinary cotton pants.”However, no matter how she explained, how to explain the reason, but in the hearts of the older generation is suffering.Finally, in order to appease grandma’s heart, the woman can only change the cotton pants provided, the upper body is plain clothes, the lower body is old-fashioned cotton pants, simply formed a sharp contrast.After the woman posted the incident on the Internet, many netizens opened up a heated debate, causing a wide discussion and even a hot search.One of them said: “No matter how well you live outside, you can’t forget your roots. When you return home, you should still listen to the elders.”In addition, some netizens said: “I have also encountered such a thing, that day when I went back to my hometown, I wore a worn pants, but they were ridiculed by my family, sometimes saying that they were rotten, sometimes saying that they were dirty and so on.At the same time, more netizens said: this is no one, no problem with a beautiful woman into a village maid.Have to say, from the views of some users can be seen, most of the users have encountered such experience, found some dressing style, and the concept of the older generation of poor generation, had to let it go, according to the older generation of “rules” to change clothes, as if as a child.What do you think about that?Welcome to comment.