All the characters in the show who can sense Keefe’s changes so far

2022-05-10 0 By

With the development of The story of Kamen Rider Revice, the superior demons also disappear one by one, and the corresponding demon Keefe also gradually becomes active. At the same time, two characters who can feel it also appear in the play.First of all, the devil Vice, as the leading role of the devil, it has a natural place, not only fighting strong, but also know some secrets about the devil.In the latest plot, with active keefe coffin, demon Vice is sensed, and led to the status of the headache, this kind of situation before keefe coffin absorb super devil residue and there was a time when indications that devil Vice and a remarkable relationship between keefe, probably is part of the keefe.Then the word is igarashi Ichihui’s father Igarashi yuan too, in the last Phoenix physical examination, it was checked out of the lack of heart, once also caused the hot discussion of fans, now Keefe coffin active, it seems to start the heart pain, at the same time the eyes are constantly flashed out keefe picture.By all indications, it also seems to be part of Keefe’s make-up.Leave a comment.