Da Ding Tong Bao is the legacy of Song Dynasty Huizong’s lean gold body

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In history, there is such an evaluation of Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty that he can do all things and cannot be the ear of a king alone. Among the Kings of many conquered states, Emperor Huizong of Song dynasty was very unusual. On the one hand, he denied his political ability, but on the other hand, he had to praise his artistic talent.Bei ShouJinTi iron cross of gold, thin and do not break its meat, this unique aesthetic also in alternated COINS, such as his hand writing observatory, tang ning, tryho, zheng he, this is all coin industry level as in appearance, in the song dynasty badge after two emperor qin captured north, the southern song dynasty the casting level plummet of money, let a person.Left but alternated ShouJinTi and aesthetic in xu jin guo, although Jin Guoren may despise bei song in the deep heart’s core, but for his calligraphy and art, or quite agree, emperor shizong of jin casting large period TongBao is modeled on ShouJinTi style written by qian zhongshu, and the fine that is a big fan, not just like not imitate,Jin Zhang Zong’s thin gold body and its form Song Huizong’s calligraphy.Such as the famous calligraphy works of li bai ShouJinTi arising from the post of the inscription on the balcony, generally considered the bei song books, but some calligraphy researchers found by comparison and the word is closer to the fine style, visible ShouJinTi influence on later generations, we say back to big TongBao, the inherited alternated calligraphy’s money, because really exquisite became a model for later generations,For example, do the two coins in the picture look very similar?Is to big TongBao of yuan dynasty, in addition to is TongBao into yuan TongBao is the same style, by the end of the yuan hsue shou-hui apocalyptic connect treasure, pass on the style, to the Ming, large and medium-sized TongBao hongwu TongBao, yongle TongBao, are this style, if we put the big and subsequent to, to is, to the yuan, the apocalypse, large and medium-sized, hongwu and yongle put together,Cover up the keywords, it is really not easy to distinguish clearly, it is estimated that even Song Huizong himself did not think that he could leave such a big impact on the later generations, this is the power of culture.