Douban 8.4, Underdog blood family, plot endless twists

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I have to say that Koreans really love to watch and love to shoot dog drama…There was a quality family drama that did well last year, but it probably suffered from the title, so many people didn’t know about it.Be it – “understand not much also just as well, because is a family” one of the play starring qiu Porcelain dazzle, we still remember that in those days “the temptation to go home” in Lin Pin such as?Drama fire people also fire, autumn porcelain dazzle alone with that drama let countless people remember her.I thought Cho ja-hyun would go back to her family after she got married and had a baby with her husband, but she did the right thing by choosing to continue her career.She returned to South Korea to develop, recording variety shows, TV dramas, etc. Next, let’s talk about the dog blood family drama starring her.It mainly tells a story about the misunderstanding and understanding of strangers like family members and family members like strangers.As parents and children grow older, they spend less time with each other and more secrets, and meet people who know their secrets better than their family members.Family people had secret each other, each other do not understand the other side even hold back do not say, produced a series of contradictions, as time passes finally break out.At the beginning of the story, the mother calls her younger daughter Kim Eun-hee (Han Yi-ri), who deliberately does not answer the phone. She excuses that she is busy at work and cannot distract herself while driving.In fact, mother just want to find her daughter to chat with her, talk, find someone to listen to her heart.Mother and son together came to the eldest daughter home, the youngest son Jin Zhiyu at home preparing for the exam, compared to the independent elder sister two elder sister he is more like a child did not grow up.The eldest daughter Kim Eun-joo (Choo Ja-hyun) marries family doctor Park Chan-hyeok (Kim Ji-seok). She is clearly the wife of the director and enjoys different treatment, but their home is not like home, cold and without life atmosphere.After years of marriage, they had no children, but her mother always told her that they must have children, which was like an exploding switch. Kim turned the question back to her mother.The eldest daughter spoke out about the conflict between her parents.Their mother wants to have a family meeting with her older and younger daughter, just to tell them that mom and dad are also having problems, and mom proposes “sotsukon.”Sotsukon is when couples who are still in love decide to “live apart” in their later years to achieve their separate dreams.Mother and father have never felt happy in their lives for many years. When they were young, they paid too much for their family and children. When they were old, they could not get the care of their children and their wife.She also hated it when her husband reached a point where they didn’t talk at home like strangers.They quarreled for a long time about “sotsukon”, and finally the wife agreed to it.But as soon as they agreed to sotsukon, their father had an accident while climbing.The father has lost his memory and doesn’t recognize his three children. His memory is stuck at age 22.In addition to the memory loss of Korean dramas, there is more unexpected blood.For example, the younger daughter, Kim Eun-hee, had a one-night stand with the company’s deputy representative from the United States.The deputy representative to her is not love between a man and a woman, more like just want to sleep not responsible and do not want to fall in love with the relationship.Kim eun-hee broke up with her eldest sister and her male best friend five years ago, unilaterally declaring that she would no longer speak to them.Because her nine-year boyfriend cheated on her, and her male bestie did not tell her, she did not look for cheating and playing with women’s feelings of the man to settle accounts, but to find male bestie temper.She also wanted to seek comfort from her sister, but in her opinion, her sister was too rational and cold-blooded to care about her. After quarreling with her sister, she found out that her sister had just had a miscarriage.Both sisters needed care for each other, but neither was comforted.Although Kim eun-hee has grown up and apologized to her sister and friends, life in the family is not peaceful.For example, Kim Eun-hee discovered the secret of her brother-in-law, who was gay and liked men.The cheating partner of the brother-in-law is also a close friend of his sister.Friends in general, the hot it some basic accounted for, traffic accident, frustrated, homosexuality, one-night stands, unmarried pregnancy, the isolated, single parent families, psychosis · · · · · · also revealed the reality between people, between parents and children embarrassed, very sensitive about the problems of the family, and contradiction, understanding, tolerance and love, it’s nice to be taken, touching.In most families, parents and children have never known each other, and they can’t speak their innermost words to those closest to them.At the beginning, it will be a little depressing. The parents in the play have been living unhappy life for a long time. As children, they can feel the family atmosphere, so the children also feel depressed.But in the end, it’s all about not explaining, not communicating, not understanding each other, and misunderstandings between each other just pile up until they explode.If married friends watch it may feel sympathetic, because it is also a common problem in people’s family life in reality, unmarried friends will probably be afraid of marriage.In short, this is a kind of heavy but very healing family drama, after watching the feeling quite deep!