I do practical things for the masses | preservation before the lawsuit solution trouble, 700 thousand pounds of orange efficient realization

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On March 14, 2022, zhong shan county people’s court in accordance with the parties apply for preservation before an action, the success will be about 700000 jins, orange in the price of 1.9 yuan per kilogram liquidate the disposal and save from the application to the successful cashing in just seven days time, effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the applicant, rapid, efficient and convenient way of working to get the high praise.In the case of loan contract dispute between a bank in Guangxi and an Ecological Agriculture Co., LTD., Lin and Wu, the applicant of a bank in Guangxi applies to the court for pre-lawsuit property preservation.Request to preserve the bank deposits, movable and immovable property under the name of the respondent Zhong Shan some ecological agriculture Co., LTD., Lin and Wu Mou Yun and the orchard management right under the name of Zhong Shan some ecological agriculture Co., LTD., Located in Sihe Village, Tongguzhen Town, Zhong Shan County, with a limit of 9.5 million yuan, the applicant issued a letter of guarantee to the court as a guarantee.Investigation after receiving the application for property preservation before an action, performed in a timely manner to understand the case, a judge to review material preservation before an action, review the situation on the spot, found zhong an ecological agriculture co., LTD., bank account no deposit for preservation, but the company is located in zhong shan county within the orchard with mixture of ancient village still has about 700000 jins of mandarin for preservation.In addition to borrowing from a bank in Guangxi, the company also has other debts (including private loans and rents owed by local villagers contracted to operate the orchard), and some creditors want to sell mandarin oranges in the orchard to repay the debts.In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, Zhongshan Court attaches great importance to the preservation case before litigation, and quickly preserves the property involved and makes a disposal plan.Given the seizure of preservation walter spinosa belong to fresh, perishable agricultural products, after comprehensive consideration, the judge decided to sell the disposal in time, and in 2022 the involved in zhong shan court on March 14, mandarin for bidding auction, county people’s procuratorate, public notaries, smoke fruit do, with bamboo village town government seat and snap the peace of the people’s congress, was invited to the whole supervision of bidding process,Ensure that the process is fair, open and fair.A total of seven bidders bid on the day, and the final price of 1.9 yuan per jin.It is one of the important litigation rights that the parties enjoy according to the provisions of the Civil Procedure Law to supervise the pre-litigation property preservation on the spot by representatives of multiple units. The pre-litigation property preservation can prevent the obligor from transferring and concealing its property in a timely and effective manner.The Zhongshan Court is urgent to the masses, and efficiently completes the preservation of sealing and selling disposal, effectively maintains the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, and strives to make the people’s sense of judicial gain, happiness and security more real with practical actions.