Only by keeping the fundamental, can we harness the tangible for our own use at the high level

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This section is the continuation of the dialogue between the carpenter and the Oak society god in the last section to clarify the cultivation of the tao to use the world and the whole form to preserve the body.This is the same story about trees, but this time it’s more in-depth and thought-provoking.First of all, the level of the corresponding characters has been upgraded, from the original human point of view, in the secular world of the tao, the whole form to protect the way, upgraded to the “god and man”.Zhuangzi said in his “Happy And Unfettered Journey”, “No man has himself, no man has merit, and no sage has any name.”The said.This is also zhuangzi’s description of the advanced human beings who transcend the limitations of human thinking and achieve transcendence and great freedom of life.This is also the allegorical technique of Zhuangzi’s step by step, talking about the tao and the use of the world, practicing in the secular world.At the same time, Zhuangzi also uses a comparative approach, taking the tree that died in mid-life as an example, to suggest whether there is a similar situation in the process of survival and development of human beings.This leads us to ponder.If we can understand chuang Tzu’s intention, we are not far from enlightenment.Let’s continue our conversation with Chuang Tzu and listen to his death over a thousand years.Original: south son regard to swim on hills, shang see how big wood, there are different: “therefore thousand by, implicit, will its 藾 pyrene.Zi Qi said, “What a tree!There must be a strange man!”Look up and see its twigs, then curved and not pillars;Overlooking the big root, the shaft solution and can not be considered coffin;Lick its leaves, is rotten and wound;Smell it, it makes people crazy wake up for three days and unceasingly.Zqi said, “This fruit is not of wood, so that it is also big.He woke up for three days without hesitation.Zqi said, “This fruit is not of wood, so that it is big.Alas, a man of God is not worthy of this.”Nan Bo Ziqi was playing in shangqiu, Henan province, when he saw a very strange tree with thousands of four-horse cars taking a rest under the shade of the tree.Zqi said, “What kind of tree is this?There must be something special about this tree that’s different from the others!”Look up at the branches of this tree. The twisted branches are not pillars;Looking down at the trunk of the tree, the heart of the tree is cracked to the surface of the shape of the opening, can not be used for coffins;Licking leaves with the tongue, the tongue was corroded and ulcerated and injured;Smell the smell with the nose, so that like a stimulant, a shot in the heart, three days and three nights can not sleep sleep.Zqi said: “This is really a useless tree for people, because it is useless, so it grows so tall.Oh, my God, it keeps you awake for three days!Zqi said: This is really a tree of no use to people, because it is useless, so it was not cut down too early, so that it has grown so tall today.Oh, my gosh!The spiritual world is completely detached from the secular world, and the mind swims outside the world, just like the tree in the eyes of the world.”Original text: Song dynasty jing shi, Yi Chubai Sang.Its arch and on, for strike monkey 杙 cut;Around, for the beauty of high name cut it;Seven encircle eight encircle, nobleman rich merchant’s home seeks zen along the person to cut.So did not end its days and the middle way due to ax jin, the material of the disease.Therefore, it is not suitable for cattle with white catfish, dolphins with hyperactive nose, and people with hemorrhoids.This is the blessing of sorcery to know, so it is also ominous.This is why god man is so good.In the State of Song, there was an area called Jingshi, which was very suitable for the growth of catalpa, cypress and mulberry trees.When the tree trunk grew to one or two thick, it was cut off by monkey people, monkey stakes;When the trunks are three or four thick around, families who want to build tall and stately houses cut them down to make pillars for their houses;The trunk grew to seven or eight thick, and nobles and rich merchants searched for the whole coffin and cut it down again.So they never end up in peace, but in the middle of the knife axe felling and short life.This is the curse of material usefulness.Therefore, the ancient people prayed for the gods to eliminate disasters, and when they made sacrifices to living creatures, they did not send cows with white foreheads, pigs with broken noses and people suffering from hemorrhoids into the river as sacrifices.This is well known by both teachers and wizards, for it is very unlucky.But this is what the man of God considers the greatest good fortune in the world.Realistic thinking: Chuang Tzu again talks about usefulness and uselessness in this section.From this, we can not think of, there is and nothing, good and evil, good and bad, high and low, big and small in nature and society exist in the unity of all kinds of contradictory phenomena?Usefulness and uselessness are also a phenomenon of the unity of contradiction and opposition.But many people do not know that useful and useless are physical and metaphysical.The ancient said: the formless is a network that is a network of principles.A physical object is something tangible, something that can be seen or touched.And the metaphysical way is invisible, invisible qi.But as a rule, all tangible substances are backed by invisible qi as their energy.This invisible energy is also the kinetic energy that maintains the normal operation of the structure and function of tangible matter.Once the intangible qi in tangible substances is exhausted, they will collapse and become invisible.Take our human life, which is made up of a physical body and an invisible inner energy and mind.The body is the carrier, the energy is the power to maintain the existence and function of the body, and the mind is the inner essential subject of life.It takes all three to be alive.Zhuangzi said in this section that although the tree grew in the circle of the secular world, it was regarded as useless because it had no value for the secular people, so it was preserved to the end of its life.This is actually zhuangzi’s metaphor of the tree, showing people the secret of the way, from the visible to the invisible way.Invisible way to use, is invisible great use.Therefore, the useless use is great use, refers to the invisible use is great use.Why say invisible use is great use?In fact, it is a great use for life to be able to preserve life and enjoy life.At the same time, there is also a deeper understanding that all tangible parts need intangible qi energy to support their structures and functions.This is the fundamental, only by maintaining this fundamental, can we be true to the Tao and harness the tangible at a higher level for our own use.However, for the cognition of usefulness and uselessness, secular people only see the level of tangible objects with images, and do not understand the essential law of invisible and faceless behind tangible objects with images.That is to say, your thinking stays at what level, then your thinking cognition will reach what kind of realm, what you see in your eyes is only what you can see and want to see in your heart.Chuang Tzu also gave an example: Catalpa, cypress and mulberry trees in the jingshi area were always cut down due to their small use.This tells us from the opposite, small use frequency consumption, will lose the opportunity to become a big use.Furthermore, Zhuangzi said that secular people regarded cows with white forehead, pigs with high forehead and people with hemorrhoids as unlucky in the sacrificial process.But for a man of God, it is a sign of auspiciousness to avoid worldly evil.This also shows that from the perspective of low level thinking, we see tangible uses, but from the perspective of high level thinking, we see intangible uses.In fact, this is also from the perspective of high-level thinking, regarding the uselessness of people as the great use of god and man, which is beyond ordinary thinking, from the appearance of things to the essence of thinking.This is contrarian thinking in the modern world.This is zhuangzi’s extraordinary wisdom, through the way of allegory, to inspire the minds of the people of the world, break the tangible limit of thinking method.If we can read more about Zhuangzi and understand the truth behind his fables, our inner wisdom will be improved and our realm of life will be sublimated.