Chain operation management, first understand how to establish and output standardization

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Last week we talked about money management, capital management is a franchising next time must be the basis of overall management up action, joining chain practitioners need for right now you own patterns and management action is in-depth checking, and see where you can start to optimize, no time to start late.Today we’re going to talk about how to manage operations, or how to manage standardization.Franchise is to copy a mature single-store model. This single-store model is actually composed of a bunch of standards. The implementation process management of these standards is called the operation of chain brands.We usually say that the operation of a brand is good, which means that the brand’s excellent standard actions or principles are relatively consistent in all stores and can be unified, which is the core value of operation.The management of operations is actually a relatively complex proposition.Because the chain operation management has a long process and a wide coverage, every detail is required to be implemented in accordance with a unified standard, and the brand management ability is highly required, so the cost is very large.After visiting Cha Yan Yue Se stores, many brand founders think it is very difficult to maintain such consistency in the operation integrity of the stores. Indeed, it is not only because of the large investment, but also because of the need for a complete set of operation methodology.In the restaurant chain, the basic operation does not seem to bring any realistic short-term income and performance changes, but in the long run, it is the core competitiveness;Once the operation is well done, it brings good customer satisfaction;When customer satisfaction is improved, the re-purchase rate of stores can be improved.With the increase of repurchase rate, the income of stores will be very stable.And catering outlets need to have a stable income to support.Catering business is a business with the goal of improving the re-purchase rate. The operation goal is to improve the re-purchase rate of stores, so as to make the profits of stores tend to be stable.Chain operation methodology is actually mainly four links, the first link is how to establish standards;The second part is how to make every employee familiar with and understand these standards.The third link is how to let the front-line personnel to form a habit of standard execution actions;The fourth link is how to combine the actual situation and all the past data to optimize the standard and management actions, so as to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the overall management cost.This closed loop is a continuous optimization of the closed loop, which requires the brand to determine whether to continue optimization in weeks, months, seasons or years according to its own actual situation.Let’s take a look at the previous two links: the first link, how to establish standards?In the brand only within ten stores, do not go to develop standards, this stage is mainly in order to survive, how to do can profit on how to do.When there are 20 or 30 stores, it is necessary to refine the standards of each link, that is, to find the best way to do the work of each store.At this time, you need to find out the store with the highest re-purchase rate from the 30 stores.Then, the store will be thoroughly combed and analyzed from raw material warehousing to food safety management, product production and final production, and from customer interaction to customer perception.Thus, the basic store SOP suitable for the brand is obtained.After having this foundation, I will send these requirements to stores with low repurchase rate to learn and strictly implement them, and see whether the repurchase rate of the store has improved three months later.If there is a significant improvement, then this optimization is very valuable. If there is no improvement, the BRAND SOP may need to be re-optimized.Before the rapid development of the brand, the establishment of appropriate standards is the first priority.All Sops must be practiced in real situations, not just in the office.Even if a new product is developed, no matter whether the store needs to produce it or not, it needs to go to the store for trial sale first to see what will happen in the actual sales scenario, and relevant SOP should be sent to the store to deal with these situations.In this way, as far as possible to ensure that the launch of new products in most stores can be implemented quickly.After the brand has its own SOP, it needs to conduct in-depth training and assessment for all stores.It should be mentioned here that the training for front-line personnel is actually not training.There is a difference between training and training, the purpose of training is to let employees master the established skills, the more skilled the better, there is no right or wrong, just according to the standard implementation.However, training is more about teaching knowledge, laws and methods, so that people can gain methods to do things from knowledge.For front-line staff of chain stores, more training is given to enable them to quickly master basic skills and be able to start independently earlier.For the staff of brand headquarters and franchisees, more training should be provided to enable them to continuously improve themselves and promote their stronger desire for growth.Therefore, the training is for the front-line executive staff, and the store manager is also trained first, followed by more knowledge training.Through various types of training, we let front-line partners begin to understand the actual content of the standards and be able to perform operations according to the standards, so as to achieve the purpose of quick access to the store.In the training, different matters need to be carried out in different ways, which can not only ensure the overall training effect, but also reduce the overall training cost of the brand.For example, how well do you know how to pass examinations?The same time to master the degree of too low partner, you can consider the replacement.Only organically combine training and assessment, strengthen the process assessment of basic skills of front-line staff, establish and improve staff training and assessment records;And the assessment results as an important part of the staff’s annual assessment, recorded in the staff’s annual performance, as an important basis for all kinds of evaluation, evaluation, promotion, to continuously strengthen the purpose of training.