Olympic place-bearers are using their looks to get out of the ring!Wear Chinese skirt not lose the star, tiger hat is explosive style

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The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games held on The night of February 4 amazed the world. Not only the performances were wonderful, but also the clothes worn by the delegations and the peace doves held by the children during the performance became fashionable.Zhang Yimou is so beautiful!Games are raising all star face, clothing worn by direct fire explosion ones for member level high in addition to the athletes with children in appearance, raising miss manners also attracted a lot of net friend, from the point of various behind-the-scenes self-time, the raising of the Olympic winter games every member is very beautiful, don’t lose the star appearance level.And the appearance is not too sharp chin, net red face, but very traditional classical charm, face atmosphere, facial features three-dimensional, a look is full of Chinese beauty, let a person have to sigh, Zhang Yimou’s aesthetic selection is really too absolutely.In addition to the high level of appearance make people relish, raising miss manners garment modelling is also a hot topic in the evening, the choice of clothing can not only well reflect textual elements, but also to shape has good decoration effect, let’s take a look together on the same day the modelling of miss manners in areas that let a person shine at the moment.Card holder, national style, super atmosphere, standing collar, glacier skirt + white socks + snowflake boots + tiger hatWhen participating in such a grand international ceremony, some representative cultural elements will be skillfully integrated into the clothing, in order to show their national heritage to the outside world.The dress on Miss Manners is in the following places, cleverly incorporating classical Chinese design elements:(1) Chinese knot collar + small standing collar Chinese knot can be said to be a very popular element of the Chinese wind, although its pattern is complex and changeable, but the lines are very clear, coiling together, not only can create a full of delicate feeling, but also can effectively increase the three-dimensional effect of the modeling, very good to increase the classical flavor of the modeling.Section and in the winter Olympics opening ceremony, China has also made a second with snowflakes, it not only embodies in athletes sign, clothes can also show that, for example in their waist snowflake is with Chinese knot design stitching, can have very good rich effect not only, also can perfect echo with theme.The small standing collar is also very representative. Derived from the Cheongsam, it should be more dignified and elegant in design. In order to better modify the neck, it will also add v-shaped small slit design in the front position of the standing collar.This can not only avoid the dull shape, but also create a sense of extension of the neck. After collocation with Chinese knot, it is easy to create a good eye-absorbing effect.The year 2022 is the Year of the Tiger, so the fashion design is also a good reflection of this element, like the hat on the head of miss etiquette, is a very traditional sense of the tiger hat.Although not colourful, as folk with blue and white attune is given priority to, appear more pure and fresh and contracted, and the tiger pattern for the creation of a card tonghua, more of a sense of tong qu, is not only very good highlights the nifty, at the same time also can have very good the effect of age, it is no wonder that a play is easily captured a large number of the hearts of hot ones with success.Olympic place-bearers are using their looks to get out of the ring!Wear the wind skirt does not lose the star, tiger hat is explosive style statement: original text, pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact deletion.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!Text/peanuts