The most classic winter transfer window of 2018!The domino effect of neymar’s huge transfer fee

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The winter transfer window is drawing to a close and, as usual, winter is not always a popular time of trading in the transfer market. The major European leagues are already halfway through and the strategic plans of the major teams are generally formed, which is not suitable for major changes.There are few examples of major winter deals such as the arrival of Luis Suarez at Liverpool in 2011 and, more recently, Bruno Fernandes at Manchester United in 2020.But one of the most classic winter transfer markets has been 2018, with a number of big deals involving big teams of the future.Liverpool’s one-in-one-out operation has changed the landscape of the Champions League, the Premier League and the competition for individual glory in the years to come.The date dates back to the 2017 summer transfer window, when French giants Paris Saint-Germain triggered a 222m euro release clause to take Neymar straight from Barcelona.Receiving a huge sum of money directly gives Barcelona the ability to spend money directly on other transfers, but it is also a factor in increasing sellers’ bids.After Neymar’s departure, Barcelona bought Borussia Dortmund starlet Dembele for an inflated 150 million euros.That’s not the point. The winter transfer window saw the acquisition of Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho for 160 million euros.Allowed Barcelona to deal with three deals worth more than 100 million euros in a single season.A couple of years later, he gave away the first team of the treble season in exchange for two stars, one on loan to the Bundesliga to regain form, the other spending most of his time in hospital.Barcelona fans such as xiaobian myself, all of the original bartomeu led by the management of the heart.However, Liverpool were the first to sign a coveted top-class central defender, Southampton’s Robin van Dijk, before sending coutinho away.The timing of the two deals solves a problem that has plagued Liverpool for half a season.A 4-3-3 formation was established, and van Dijk’s role as defensive leader was confirmed, and the champions League final was lost to Real Madrid that season.Subsequently, Liverpool repeatedly strengthened the squad, bought goalkeeper Alisson, winger shaqiri and other reinforcements, in the following two seasons to win the Champions League and the Premier League, at one blow out of the slump that lasted for many years.Van Dijk’s years at Liverpool have given him the chance to compete alongside the two greatest players of his generation for the International Footballer of the Year award and the Ballon d ‘Or award.The transfer of Neymar in 2017 indirectly contributed to Liverpool’s significant strengthening in the summer of 2018, contributing to the “butterfly effect” that has had an impact across time and space.The transfer price, it can be said that a stone stirred up thousands of waves.