A leading index of the first plate rebound

2022-05-13 0 By

A shares open performance is good, we are looking forward to the five-minute level rebound section before the festival, finally appeared in the first trading day of the year of the Tiger, with this rebound can enjoy the future.Why?Take a look at how we can signal the end of a rally and see what to look for now.The above is the Shanghai Five-minute level trend chart. The horizontal line is 3651, which is where we judged the end of the rebound signal last year, and 3651 is exactly the position of the five-minute level three buy, the break will announce the end of the rally.Now, at present, three sell, only the rebound after falling again, break through three sell can also be announced to rebound open?We’re holding our breath, waiting for the signal.Plate aspect: roughly saw a circle plate, did not adjust the end signal, can see a building decoration, a little leading index meaning, 30 minutes level belongs to shock, five minutes level three sell also appeared, but this big positive line directly broke through.So this is a five-minute chart of building decoration. Now that we have an objective signal, let’s look at how this rally has evolved over at least five days, and how this sector has led the index and other sectors.