Any individual or organization in mainland China is prohibited to operate “liuhe lottery”, please know!

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Small lottery shop often people busy streets at first glance, is normal but some people in a day is not to come out a gawk looks can have bit of wrong recently, guangxi baise debao county public security bureau through careful investigation, decisive attack, shut down a cross-border “lottery” gambling dens, caught in illegal and criminal suspects 8 people, the amount of 500000 yuan.In November 2021, police from the Public Security Bureau in Debao County, Baise, Guangxi, found some people staying for a long time in a common lottery shop in a residential area.Careful police observation found that they were not holding welfare lottery receipts, but small pink square paper, until 9 or 10 o ‘clock in the evening one after another left.After further investigation found that pink small square paper is known as the masses outside the “six lottery” peripheral gambling bet sheet.Explore the welfare lottery shop must have “tricks”!In order to find out the situation, On November 26, debao county police launched a raid on the welfare lottery store, the spot was seized in the store to participate in overseas “six lottery” gambling Huang Ling, Li Ping, Wang, Zhong Kun, Qin, Wu Ying, Mai Tao and other 7 suspects and small square paper and other things.After being summoned and investigated, the seven confessed to illegal activities involving in overseas “six match lottery” peripheral gambling.Further investigation found that Huang Mou Ling for the welfare lottery store owner.Since June 2021, it has taken advantage of the convenience of opening a welfare lottery shop to collect online bets from others betting on the outside of the “Six Match lottery”, from which it gets a commission.It collected about 500,000 yuan in bets from the “Six He lottery” and made a profit of about 6,000 yuan.After understanding the situation, handling the case police take the lead, in the afternoon of November 27 will huang Mou Ling’s last home Li Chuang summons investigation.According to the investigation, Li chuang downloaded Hong Kong’s “Liuhe Lottery” gambling APP through his mobile phone, and placed bets on Huang’s “Liuhe Lottery” gambling money through the mobile APP every night, with a total bet of about 500,000 yuan.At present, the suspects Huang Ling, Li Chuang were detained by the police in accordance with the law, and the other 6 illegal persons involved in overseas “six match lottery” peripheral gambling have been punished according to law, the case is still under further investigation.Net police prompt our country outback prohibits any individual and organization to operate “six match lottery”!The lottery has never set up betting business outside Hong Kong, nor has it entrusted any person or organization to conduct relevant business in the mainland.Suspects Huang Mou Ling, Li Mou Chuang for the purpose of profit, the use of welfare lottery stores and other places, through mobile phone wechat, on-site charging and other ways to collect gambling funds, gambling in the overseas “six match lottery” website, compared with traditional gambling is more concealed, permeable, but its behavior is also suspected of crime.In the face of life, it is better to be down-to-earth and give real life with hard work than to dream of becoming lucky “koi” one day.Pictures screenshots guangxi Internet police edit | materials | | network Lu Chunyan/Huang Tingyu