“Back-to-school economy” heating up stationery books favored

2022-05-13 0 By

As the winter vacation is coming to an end, many students and their parents have started to buy stationery, books and other school supplies to prepare for the new semester, which is heating up the “back-to-school economy”.February 17, the reporter visited jinzhong city downtown bookstores, stationery stores learned that recently, teaching auxiliary books, extra-curricular reading materials and learning appliances sales increased significantly.At 9 o ‘clock on the same day, the reporter in the city district yingbin Street Xinhua bookstore teaching auxiliary book area to see, all kinds of guidance books have been in accordance with the grade, subject categories placed in eye-catching position, convenient for students to choose.In front of the bookshelves stood a number of students and their parents, each with several books in his or her hand, carefully selecting books.A parent who is buying secondary school math teaching books said: “Children math this subject is relatively weak, buy a few books to strengthen, but also to let children into the state of learning as soon as possible.”Xinhua bookstore staff member tells a reporter, as the arrival of new semester, the student that comes to the bookstore to buy a book and parents rose gradually much.Especially after the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, students and parents pay more attention to the diversity of knowledge, in addition to some auxiliary books, extracurricular books have become popular books for students and parents.In addition to books, stationery is indispensable for school preparation.At a stationery store in Wenyuan Street, Downtown District, cui Shaohan was choosing stationery for her son in grade one. “I want to buy a pencil case, a pencil, a ruler, an eraser, a notebook and a book cover,” she said. “The child’s choice of stationery can also stimulate his interest in learning.”This inn manager tells a reporter, every year on the eve of the term, it is the peak period that buys stationery, one day the highest passenger flow can achieve 3, 400 people.(Reporter Li Juan Ma Yonghong) Source: Jinzhong Evening News