Bad boy Hong Tae-sung ending

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In the drama bad Boys, hong Tae-seong leaves the Haishen Group and abandons Moon Jae-eun. He is ready to start a new life and start his own life step by step. The Hong family accepts Hong after Shin is arrested.Hong Taicheng is the heir of The Sea God group, but because of the identity of illegitimate children, his style of alternative, not accepted by everyone, and even be regarded as the garbage of the family.He never felt the love of his family, so he was very lonely, and after the unexpected death of the only person he loved, Seon-young, he went to Japan to escape from reality and began to live a free life.Later, he met Wen Zaiyin in Japan, and fell in love with this ordinary girl, for this girl and her family, he and Shen Jianxu launched a fight.But wen Zaiyin, the girl he likes, falls in love with Shen jianxu, so he lets go and leaves Poseidon Group to start from scratch.Bad Men is a romantic drama starring Kim Namgil, Han Gae-mi, Oh Yeon-soo, Kim Jae Wook, Jeong So-min, Shim Eun-kyung, Kim Min-soo and others. The drama tells the story of Shim Gun-wook, who was adopted and abandoned by a chaebol family as a child, and gets revenge on the chaebol family when he grows up.The TV series was aired on May 26, 2010. There are 17 episodes, each 60 minutes, you can watch them.