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Wang Meng’s commentary is funny enough, but it’s not just funny.As a netizen said, “Listening to Wang Meng beating the platform excitedly and watching the Chinese short track speed skating team winning the gold medal, every Chinese heart lit a fire.”| author: Xu Ye Lu-lu li | editor: Xu Ye | editor: Su Rui Zhang Jiankui February 5, 2000 meters relay in Beijing Olympic speed skater mixed groups in the final, the Chinese team to send fan can be new, QuChunYu, Wu Dajing, all in, eventually won in 2 minutes and 37 seconds 348, for the Chinese sports delegation won the first gold medal of the Olympics.”Let’s have a good look at the replay and see how the South Korean team fell down,” said Wang Meng, Olympic champion of short track speed skating.”I can slide out at this speed!””My eyes are rulers!”During a series of short track speed skating competitions, Wang Mengleng turned the commentary into “stand-up comedy”, and netizens shouted: “Please Wang Meng weld the commentary booth to death.”Away from the game for a few years, Wang Meng still domineering.Watching a new generation of Olympians compete, one can hear her declaration: “When I have the opportunity to wear the National flag and stand on an international stage, my goal is to raise the national flag and play my national anthem. That is my mission.”She was dancing in the studio, which was a bit humorous.Turkish competitors false start — Wang Meng: What is this performance?I suspect he was trying to steal a scene.South Korea’s Hwang Dae-hun — Wang Meng: As you all know, this is a man with a story.The Chinese team was overpowered after overpowered back — Wang Meng: Oh!This is a close call with me!During the quarterfinals of the short track speed skating 2000-meter mixed relay, China advanced to the semifinals as the group leader.The same field as commentary huang Jianxiang said: “Wu Dajing easily won the group first.”Wang Meng replied, “It’s not easy either.”Netizens burst out laughing, said the first time to see Huang Jianxiang can not get a word in the scene……When China crossed the line in the third semi-final, but the opponent clearly committed a foul, an emotional Wang Meng in the studio shouted: ‘This is this!This black dress is not supposed to be here. Show me ten times.When the US team was fouled and China advanced to the finals, Wang Meng was very excited: “Oh!Oh dear!The Chinese team is in the final…Did you see it?I said it!”Huang Jianxiang avatar penggen: “you are a professional, you say anything right!”The Chinese team narrowly won the gold medal, Wang Meng shouted passionately: “There is no problem, China’s first gold medal was born, you can always believe in China’s short track speed skating team!””Win!My eyes are rulers, and I’m telling you, it’s a win. You don’t have to watch the replay.”Many of Wang meng’s classic remarks have been picked out and made into witticisms lists and memes by netizens, and some have given them a humorous name — mengyan Mengyu.· Netizens made a meme of Wang meng saying, “My eyes are rulers.””Mengzhu contracted all my jokes, it’s too high” “Deyun Society escaped disciples” “commentaries, roll it up inside”…”If there is no love for the ice rink, how could there be such a passionate commentary?”Her commentary is funny enough, but it’s not just funny.As a netizen said, “Listening to Wang Meng beating the platform excitedly and watching the Chinese short track speed skating team winning the gold medal, every Chinese heart lit a fire.”· Fan Kexin (bottom) of The Chinese team starts in the competition on February 5.The strength of the field in the “Mongolian language” before the explosion of fire, Wang Meng several laps are because of the famous scene on the field.In the women’s 1500m heat of the short track Speed Skating World Championships in 2013, Wang Meng directly started the “grandpa jogging” mode.After the competition began, other players began to seize the first position, Wang Meng with his hands behind his back.In the last four laps of the race, wang Meng was still walking around the back of the team with his hands behind his back. The coach watching the race and the commentary in the studio were all a little worried.It was not until the last two laps that Wang meng suddenly picked up speed and the result was a high performance picture: she slid easily to the first place without even swinging her arms.The commentator was also stunned, saying, “(Wang Meng) is really better than others…That’s a sign of strength.”Before the women’s 500-meter short track speed skating race at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, many people were worried about Wang Meng — she was suffering from a bad cold in the final.But she also proved herself.As soon as the gun rang, she grabbed the first place and skated faster and faster. She even had time to adjust her goggles.That picture, if you want to match BGM, must be “invincible is so lonely” ~ Wang Meng’s “hegemony” temperament in the competition, since 2006 began to show.In the Turin Winter Olympics that year, wang Meng, who was less than 22 years old, was placed in the third track in the women’s 500-meter semifinal, and the second track next door was the world record holder Radanova.In the whole season before the race, Wang Meng never exceeded Radanova from the start.”I started running and I lost and I lost.As long as I run past her in the first three steps, she can’t beat me.”Wang Meng made up his mind to try.In the first three steps, Wang meng overtook Radanova in the first step and grabbed the first place directly.After entering the final, wang meng gained confidence and once again ran ahead of Radanova, leading all the way to win the gold medal.It is said that the competition for the world championship is about who is more confident, who has more courage and who can overcome the limits of the human body with all his strength. Wang Meng just has that kind of strength.”Who wants second? I don’t want second, I want champion.”That year, Wang meng made his declaration a reality.From then on, Wang Meng’s brilliant career began.At the 2008 Winter Games, she won seven gold MEDALS in short track speed skating, the most ever won by any athlete at a national winter Games.At the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, she set a new Olympic record twice in the women’s 500-meter heat and semi-final.In the final, it was more like a storm that swept through the field. After the first lap, it opened up a gap of 10 meters with the second runner and successfully defended the title.Later, she and her teammates won the women’s 1,000m and 3,000m relays, becoming the first single “triple Crown” in China’s short track history.She broke the world record seven times and brought the women’s 500 meters to 43 seconds, creating the “Wang Meng era” on the ice rink.Before Beijing, she had won four of China’s 13 gold MEDALS since the Games began.Even the South Korean media did not care about the fierce competition between the two countries, and praised Wang Meng as “the fastest and best skater in the world today, worthy of the winner of three gold MEDALS”.Someone commented: “Wang Meng’s time is her own appearance, warm-blooded and straightforward, breakthrough, aggressive, domineer rule — 500 meters is her field, in her field of development, no one can catch up with her.”Wang meng said, “I just want my opponents to be so far away from me that they can’t see me or touch me and the referee can’t find anything wrong with me.”Wang Meng’s personality outside the court is as famous as his strength.After winning her first Gold medal at the 2006 Turin Games, she made big news the following year.It was after the changchun Asian Winter Games women’s 1500 meters short track speed skating final, wang Meng only won the bronze medal to be interviewed.When the reporter asked her if she was satisfied with the result, she criticized her coach li Yan, “He didn’t give me any tactics.” “After this competition, I will go back to the local team for training.”Public opinion was in an uproar at the news.Looking back years later, Wang meng described himself in four words: young and ignorant.In that year, Li Yan returned from the United States to teach in China, and Wang Meng’s former coach left immediately, which was why Wang Meng disliked Li Yan at the first sight.”Do you think you can lead the Chinese team just because you have coached in the US?” Wang said after Li yan arrived in the first month.She deliberately and Li Yan against, not hesitate in front of the media tit for tat.A three-month ban was the price Wang paid for being “young and ignorant”.After several times of negotiation, Wang Meng finally told Li Yan that “Coach, I was wrong”.The two men had many conversations, learned more about each other, and set a common goal — not just to hold on to a title, but to “take all the gold MEDALS one day.”Li yan printed a sentence on the team’s weekly training plan: “It’s not four years, It’s every day”, which was later repeated by Wang Meng.That twists and turns, let her grow up a lot.Three years later, Wang Meng laps after winning the women’s 500-meter short track speed skating race at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.As she skated past the coach’s command seat, she suddenly stopped and knelt down on the ice with a flop, nodding her head twice at Li Yan.”I have a lot of coaches to thank, but I think it’s because of her.”Wang Meng’s gratitude to Li Yan is beyond words.Wang Meng has really become the mainstay of the team.When she became captain, she called her players “kids.””Kids” after training to massage, leave the dirty clothes aside, she will help wash;”The child” won the gold medal, she was more moved than his own gold medal.As forthright as she is, she will also stand in front of the “kids” in line and talk to the media as “more sophisticated.”No matter on the field, Wang Meng carries out “domineering” to the end.However, in January 2014, just 22 days before the Opening of the Sochi Winter Olympics, Wang Meng had an accident in a training class, resulting in double fractures of the medial and external ankle bones of her right foot. Unfortunately, she missed the Sochi Winter Olympics.Later, because of injuries, Wang Meng gradually faded out of the game, but there has always been her legend.In 2019, Wang Meng’s hometown of Qitaihe, Heilongjiang Province, will set up a short-track speed skating champion’s hall — the home of Yang Yang, Wang Meng, Liu Qiuhong and other world champions.Wang meng wanted to make a contribution, so he packed up the 77 MEDALS he had won over the years and took them home to donate.As they go through security, the security staff are horrified and exclaim, “That many?!”Last night, Fan Kexin, who won China’s first gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics, also thanked Wang Meng.Born in 1993, she and Wang meng are fellow villagers. “We are both from Qitaihe. We don’t want to finish the task if we fail to connect with my baton, and we also hope more children from Qitaihe can connect with my baton.”Wang Meng’s life has opened a new chapter in the field, and in the field, the fighting spirit of “never give up and persevere” will be passed on by generations of athletes.· Members of the Chinese Team hug after winning their first gold medal of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Sources: Southern People Weekly, Interview with Yang LAN, A date with Luyu, Tencent Sports, Migu Sports, etc.