Once you sleep at night with these four symptoms, nine out of ten uric acid is too high, beware of kidney failure!

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Uric acid everyone has, in general, will not affect health, like every household will produce garbage, every day to throw away the garbage on the line.But if you’re not leading a healthy lifestyle, such as eating too many high-purine foods, exercising too little and drinking too little water, uric acid can build up in your body, which can end up making you miserable.A large number of studies have shown that the peak age of hyperuricemia has moved forward to 30~35 years old.Men with more entertainment, less exercise and overweight are at high risk.And uric acid is too high, will show in our daily life, so we pay more attention to daily.1, low back pain insomnia if uric acid is too high, the formation of crystals blocked in the kidney, a long time will have a burden on the kidney, even the formation of kidney stones, so that the waist pain.At night, uric acid is easy to crystallize. Patients with high uric acid may have lumbago, insomnia and difficulty falling asleep.2. If urination is abnormal and uric acid is too high, urate will form crystals and accumulate in the renal interstitium, leading to chronic renal tubulointerstitial nephritis, and the shape, color and frequency of urine will change.3. Body edema at night is the time when uric acid crystals are most likely to precipitate. If high uric acid leads to glomerulus blockage or even necrosis, the water in the body can not be filtered and excreted normally.It then spreads all over the body, especially the ends of the body, causing edema in the eyelids, face, legs and feet.4. If the kidney of patients with high uric acid is damaged, the oxygen carried by the kidney through the red blood cells in the body will be reduced, resulting in fatigue and even anemia.Similar bodily reactions include digestive problems such as thirst and vomiting.If you find yourself sleeping at night, you’d better go to the hospital to check your uric acid and kidney function.High uric acid can cause gout, which can eventually affect kidney health.How to control uric acid, avoid kidney failure 1, limit the purine with high uric acid patients, in the diet should be very careful, especially pay attention to the intake of purine.For example, animal offal, hot pot soup, fish soup, broth, lots of shellfish, and beer all need to be controlled.2, more alkaline eat alkaline food, such as vegetables, milk, fruits, rice and noodles, increase the reserves of alkali in the body, help reduce uric acid.You can also try the Chinese medicine diet keping turnips powder to reduce uric acid better.3. The diet of patients with high uric acid and many vegetables is very important. Attention should be paid to purine intake.Chinese cabbage, baby vegetable, potato, taro, wax gourd, towel gourd, cucumber, etc. are low purine food, can eat more.Among them, cucumber diuretic is the ideal food for patients with high uric acid.4, drink more water patients with high uric acid, be sure to drink more water, because drinking more water is also one of the ways to reduce uric acid, can dilute the uric acid content in the blood, but also help the human body to expel uric acid.Edit: Sun Shijia material: practical small encyclopedia * reproduced please indicate from Shanghai Yangpu official wechat