The 13th changzhi trade union congress closed

2022-05-13 0 By

February 12, changzhi city trade union 13th congress in the successful completion of the agenda after the successful closing.Deputy director of the Standing Committee of the municipal people’s Congress, city federation of trade union chairman Yu Chuan presided over the closing ceremony.The conference announced the newly elected chairman, executive vice chairman, vice chairman and standing Committee of the 13th Committee of Changzhi Federation of Trade Unions, and announced the newly elected director and deputy director of the 13th Fund Review Committee of Changzhi Federation of Trade Unions.The congress voted through the changzhi City federation of trade unions twelfth committee work report, financial work report and the twelfth session of funds review committee work report.In sichuan, points out that the trade union organizations at all levels to the municipal party committee and the provincial total of changzhi city trade union work affirmation, and care to the attention of the working class of changzhi city, the trade union in the city over the past five years, the deployment of the grades and the next five years, the unions insist a blueprint to draw it in the city, next next next bear the mission of dry, timely report to the party committee government is good,Convey good to broad trade union cadre and worker masses, raise propaganda to carry out upsurge quickly.We should create a new situation of changzhi trade union work step by step, strive to create new achievements that can stand the test of history and practice, and constantly write a new chapter of Changzhi trade union work.(Source: Changzhi Daily wang Jingjing)