“The hardest-working Chinese” has been discharged from hospital: thank you for your concern, no donation is required

2022-05-13 0 By

“During my 26 days in the hospital, I felt at home every day. In the first two days, some kind people asked the doctor to give me 2,000 yuan, but I didn’t accept it. The doctors often sent me some fruit, and the nurses also organized to donate money to me, but I didn’t ask for it.”Yue, a confirmed COVID-19 case in Chaoyang District, Beijing, who has been called “the hardest Chinese in the flow” by netizens, told Health Times on February 14 that he had been discharged from the hospital and was under quarantine in a hotel on the same day.On January 19, Yang Beibei, deputy district head of Beijing Chaoyang District, announced at a press conference the activities of the new nucleic acid positive people in Chaoyang district on The 18th. Yue, who traveled 28 places in 18 days and worked until the early morning, was called by netizens as “the hardest Chinese in the liudiao”.Yue mou said, “for you so many days to my care, sincerely thank you, but I don’t need everyone’s contribution, because everyone is their own hard-earned money to earn money, although now I’m sick, but when I recovered, I will still rely on their own strength to earn money for the family, in society people have a lot of difficult than me.””After I recover and leave the hospital, I will learn lessons and reduce my workload, work less and give myself more time to rest. The doctor also told me not to be too tired in the future, and I don’t want to cause trouble to the country and everyone else.”Yue said that the reason why he worked so hard before the Lunar New Year was because he wanted to earn more money to go home.”The Spring Festival has also passed, and I will not go back to my hometown after the end of quarantine. I will continue to look for some jobs in Beijing and go back home when the weather is warmer and the epidemic is less severe,” Yue said.Source: HealthTimes Client process Editor: TF065