Today, these people go back to their “mother’s home” Gaofuli to eat dumplings!

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The Lantern Festival, reunion is not only the family.
On February 15, residents who had moved out of gaofuli land area came from all directions and gathered in Lane 121, Ruijin Road once again.Today is the Lantern Festival, eat dumplings together, guess lantern riddles, memories of the old days, looking forward to a new life.Early in the morning, the old residents rushed to the “home” early, in the changle neighborhood committee activity room, happy to pack dumplings, chat about the home is very lively.”This may be the last Lantern Festival for us to get together, so let’s take more photos as a memento.”Geng Wenhui, secretary of the Party general Branch in Changle residential area, Ruijin Erlu Street, greeted the former residents and served them warm dumplings.He Peihua, wearing a red down jacket and carrying a suitcase, stood out among the throngs of people in the alley.”I heard about the old neighbors’ party. I went out before 8 o ‘clock today and came from Songjiang.”He Peihua told the reporter that he had lived in Gaofuli for more than 40 years. The day before yesterday, he had just moved his house. Because he was in a hurry to meet his old neighbors, he had not yet put his suitcases for transporting his belongings into his old house.”My husband is so unlucky.”After receiving the warm reunion from Secretary Geng Wenhui, Aunt He remembered her family.”He went away on the Lantern Festival last year.So now I look happy on the outside, but inside I am sad. If he were still here, I am sure he would come to do something.””Don’t be sad, you don’t have any difficulties, Allah are old neighbors, even if we moved away, we will still help.”He Peihua’s “stick next door” neighbor Aunt Zhang, kindly came to pat her, old neighbors deep friendship has always been in the words outside the diffuse.”I hope the future of Gaofuli will be better and better!We’ll be back.””As an ordinary resident, we should cooperate with the country to do a good job in the reform of the old area,” Yang said as he looked forward to the future while eating glutinous rice balls.In the future, the place will be better protected and renewed, and we look forward to the new development of niangjia.”Reporter/Wang Yuehua editor/Zhang Shan photo/Zhou Fei shangguanhao author: Huangpu, Shanghai