Gao Yuanyuan and Liu Tao wear red dress together, isn’t that the difference between CCTV and Hunan TV?

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Liu Tao and Gao Yuanyuan at CCTV Spring Night in Hunan Spring night in a red dress more surprising?The gap between Liu Tao and Gao Yuanyuan may be the difference between CCTV and Hunan TV!Gao yuanyuan recently appeared on Hunan TV’s Spring Festival Gala. Thanks to The Perfect Companion, Gao is once again the star of hunan’s Spring Festival Gala, and Hunan TV’s ratings have reached a new high!Hunan TV’s Gao Yuanyuan, 44, wears a long red dress that sets off her sleek figure.Gao Yuanyuan is wearing a red dress, which is warm and stylish. The black stripes outline her slim waist. Gao Yuanyuan is wearing a pair of long pendant earrings, which makes her look like a small jasper.Gao Yuanyuan looks festive and sexy in this red dress!Deserve to go up again a pair of long canker boots that reach knee, added a few minutes domineer more!Liu Tao, like Gao Yuanyuan, was also invited to participate in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, but on the CCTV Spring Festival evening, Liu Tao posted pictures of herself wearing a red evening dress, which is too classy!Liu Tao wear this skirt, revealing sexy collarbone, a look is high, compared with Gao Yuanyuan’s skirt, her temperament is much better, Gao Yuanyuan wear is small jade, Liu Tao wear is elegant, this is the difference between CCTV and Hunan TV?CCTV, of course, is the boss of each big TV station, Hunan SATELLITE TV and CCTV compared, it is simply small see big wizard, very vivid!I have to say that Liu Tao is really in good shape. As a young actress, she can keep such a good figure. It’s really admirable!The same red clothes, the local TV people, in dress and CCTV can not compare, far from, at least in magnanimity, CCTV is CCTV, what do you think?