Thor week online, the player joked that the difficulty is too high, that may not take the clock away?

2022-05-15 0 By

When the original God official revealed the new BOSS Thor in the 2.5 preview, many players thought it would be very difficult.Now with the original God 2.5 update, players will be able to unlock the Lore of Thor once they complete Chapter 2 of the Thor Quest.After unlocking Thor Week book, many players tried the challenge in the first place, but many players rolled over and joked about the difficulty.To be honest, I didn’t care too much about it at first. After all, I took the first challenge by the clock, so I succeeded easily and didn’t even notice the BOSS’s skill mechanic.However, when I put the bell from the change, only to find that Thor Zhou Ben is really difficult, not only high damage, skill range, defense health is also very high, a careless will overturn.There are currently two stages for the new BOSS. The first stage is the thor in human form, where the defense is low and the player deals more damage.The second stage is avatar form, with high shields and very low damage.There is also a second kill mechanism in this stage, even if the full health with a shield clock away will be second kill, presumably the full life walnut can resist this mechanism.At this point, players can use thunder to attack memorial flowers next to the BOSS, forming a shield against this mechanic, so it is recommended that players bring a thunder character when challenging the BOSS.In addition, the BOSS has two weak moments. In the first stage of human form, the BOSS will fall into a temporary weak state whenever the player finds the real body within a short period of time.In addition, after the end of the second stage of the doll form, the temporary state will also be selected.For players who don’t have a clock off, this can be used to actually kill the BOSS quickly.In terms of the current several weeks in the game, thor week this is indeed difficult, in addition to Ruolong King Week this, lady week this difficulty is not low, but overall, these weeks have their own mechanism, as long as more skilled can easily beat.But to be honest, if you bring a zhong Li, you can ignore BOSS Zhou’s mechanism and beat the game easily without moving. So is it because there is no Zhong Li?