Yangtze River Delta Tomb-sweeping festival written Proposal

2022-05-15 0 By

Yangtze Delta region tomb-sweeping sweeping initiative is a year tomb-sweeping, spring and sunset send grief.Qingming Festival is an important traditional festival for remembering ancestors and remembering the dead.Recently, COVID-19 has been spreading in many places in China, and omicron and other mutant viruses are spreading rapidly, presenting a complex and grim situation in epidemic prevention and control.The Yangtze River Delta region has frequent interactions with each other due to its convenient transportation, geographical proximity and close affinity.In order to coordinate epidemic prevention and control and mass mourning services, and ensure the health and safety of people in the Yangtze River Delta region, we hereby propose the following proposals.Safe mourning will not return home.Sweep in the heart is not in shape, like qingming.Funeral service institutions in the Yangtze River Delta region will innovate service methods to provide online, representative and cloud services for the convenience of the people, and ask staff in other places not to return to their hometowns or cross regions to conduct funeral services if it is not necessary. They should comply with the prevention and control requirements of their regions, reduce travel, and reduce the risk of infection and transmission.Follow the rules don’t be careless.Please choose family memorial and other off-site ways to remember the deceased and place their grief, and reduce the organization of wake, public farewell, memorial and other group activities.In case of memorial activities, please make an appointment in advance and go out at different peak times. Do not gather in groups or gather together. Consciously abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, respect the efforts of epidemic prevention workers and shorten the stay time as much as possible.Green environmental protection tree new wind.Please abide by the fireworks ban regulations, consciously resist feudal superstition sacrificial supplies, choose to offer flowers, bow, silent mourning and other environmentally friendly and simple ways to worship.Do not burn ghost money in public places such as urban roads and squares. Do not use plastic flowers and other sacrificial products that are not easy to degrade. Maintain environmental hygiene and eliminate fire hazards.Change customs to spread virtue.Thick sacrifice is better than filial piety, filial piety is important in the present.Advocate the dead when more filial piety, funeral sacrifice cost less.We will combine the memory of the deceased with the promotion of good family traditions, and transfer the physical sacrifice to the spiritual and cultural inheritance of the deceased.Community-level Party organizations, village (neighborhood) committees, and red and White councils should give full play to their organizational role, and Party members and officials should play an exemplary and leading role in encouraging people to consciously participate in civilized and low-carbon sacrificial ceremonies, promote reform of funeral rites and customs, and contribute to rural revitalization and social progress.Castle peak together with wind and rain, the moon was ever two townships.Let us strengthen our confidence and resolve, actively respond to the call of the country, join hands and fight steadily to be pioneers in epidemic prevention and control, practitioners of civilized practices, promoters of bad habits, and models of changing customs. Let us build an iron wall against epidemic prevention and fight, and work together to promote high-quality integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region.Shanghai Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau jiangsu Provincial Civil Affairs Department Zhejiang Provincial Civil Affairs Department Anhui Provincial Civil Affairs Department March 23, 2022